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Tierney G.

“Another splendid experience at The Healing Bar! I got the Ashiatsu & Hot Stone Fusion massage and left feeling completely rejuvenated. I actually skipped to my car! They don’t call it “The Healing Bar” for nothing! Completely worth it!”

Anna T.

“I was in so much pain and left there feeling very relieved. The next day feeling like a million bucks. Kim paid close attention to all my needs. She truly is a miracle worker. And it’s really a healing experience. Thank you so much Kim. I’ll be back!!!”

Tierney G.

“Kim was AWESOME! The Ashi-Thai Massage was incredible! In my present role, I am on my feet and walking most of the day, so the ache and pain in my body had been pretty prevalent. My session with Kim was highly beneficial, she got the knots out of the knots! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Healing Bar, certain to be the first of many!”

Lisa P.
“I highly recommend Kim! I loved my recent massage. It was truly the best I’ve had in years! She has a great personality and is very professional. You won’t regret giving her a try. She is worth it!”
Greg G.
“The Healing Bar is not just a place for pampering but just as much for healing. Kim has helped me with pre and post surgery treatments. She can help with aches and pains, joint issues, muscle recovery. I work a physically demanding job and her treatments help me to stay on top of my game. Her methods help with many issues of the musculoskeletal system as well as the body’s other systems. Of course the pampering is always nice. It’s calming and stress relieving. It’s all in the extra touches such as a nice cup of tea after the massage, heated hand and foot booties, therapeutic oils and scented candles. She even uses a custom massage table and high end sheets that are so nice that people often purchase sets for their home!”
"*****(5 Stars)Kim did an amazing job!  I left her studio extremely relaxed and wanting more.  I've always been curious about Deep Ashiatsu therapy, and was pleasantly surprised and ended up loving it.  I'll definitely be back!!! Thank You Kim !!!"

Do you or does someone you know have chronic pain or stress? Please send them my way for an assessment or treatment!

Cheryl R.
I have been suffering with neck problems for a long time. I went to Kim for a massage on my bday to treat myself. She did a hot /cold stone massage on my neck & was amazing. Usually I'm very sore after a massage but Kim's technique helped with the pain in my neck I deal with every day. I highly recommend this feel good massage!
Chuck I.
“My girlfriend bought me a massage as a treat. Kim gave me an awesome massage. She used many different techniques to relieve all my muscle tension. I really enjoyed the hot and cold stone treatments. I’d recommend her to anybody needing massage.”
Bonnie M.
“The Ashiatsu is just amazing; it doesn’t feel like she is using her feet; it feels like her hands. You really have to experience it to know how good it feels. I think my favorite is the La Stone where she alternates the hot stones with the cool ones. Surprising how good that feels. Kim is an excellent massage therapist.”
Hollie B.
“Kim was great! We talked so she could get to know what my comfort level was, since I was a new client. She used just the right amount of pressure and provided a calming environment.  It was not my first massage, but it was the first time I've had a therapist use her feet for deep tissue(ashiatsu) It was so relaxing, and I wasn’t achy afterward like I have been with other deep tissue massages. I will definitely go back!”
Kathy G.
“I’ve been getting massages from Kim for years. She is truly gifted in her profession and goes all over the country for specialized certifications. She is probably the most highly certified massotherapist in northeast Ohio. I highly recommend her.”
Anna G.
“I had the best, most relaxing massage I’ve ever had with Kim!!! I felt so good and I got the best nights sleep I’ve had in weeks. This girl has the magic touch! I absolutely recommend Kim to everyone. I will definitely be booking with her again soon.”
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